Breaking news: PGA Tour actually taking place this year

Matt TarrContributor IFebruary 12, 2010

So check this out, apparently the PGA Tour decided to actually go ahead and host events this year — even without Tiger Woods. Can you believe that shit?

Now this is just awkward. We had no idea these things were even going on, and turns out they’ve already had like like SIX of them. No, really. They’re actually playing the Pebble Beach Pro-Am right now … how weird is that? Dustin Johnson is apparently leading the thing, and David Duval is lurking a couple shots back.

Sorry, but we just assumed tour officials would have decided to give all the players a year off after Elin went all Jersey-Shore upside Tiger’s head (allegedly). You certainly wouldn’t have known the difference, the way the sport has been summarily ignored by ESPN and the like over the past couple months. Learn somethin’ new every day, I suppose. Next thing, you’ll tell us it’s snowing in all 50 states.

The boob-less Miss Sterger

The boob-less Miss Sterger

On with Friday’s poopiosity! …

  • We start with an entry from the sad, attention-starved celebrity wannabe file: Jenn Sterger, who rose to internet fame thanks to a glorious set of fake knockers — then subsequently had those fake knockers removed (no doubt so she can be taken seriously as a, well, whatever she is) — shares her first boob-less photos with America. So in other words, if you had February 12 in the “what day does Jenn Sterger officially become irrelevant” pool, you’re a winner! (Busted Coverage)
  • Jim Calhoun is healthy, rested and ready to come back and be a giant douche again (Hartford Courant)
  • With apologies to Three Dog Night, “1″ is not the loneliest number in college basketball. It’s “51″. (KenPom)
  • Inventor of the Frisbee dies at 90 (CBS Sports)
  • Harangody’s knee injury could jeopardize Notre Dame’s hopes for NIT bid (Fort Myers Journal-Gazette)
  • Cincinnati Bengals follow up surprisingly successful season by bringing in Adam “Pac-Man” Jones for a workout. In other words, the Cincinnati Bengals are still the Cincinnati Bengals (Online Sports Guys)
  • A New York Times/CBS poll reveals 70 percent of respondents are in favor of “gay men and lesbians” serving in the military. The same poll also reveals that 59 percent are in favor of homosexuals in the military. Sigh. (The Caucus/NYT)

And finally, in honor of tonight’s Olympic opening ceremonies in Vancouver, we give you the greatest Canadian thespian of them all …