Does Anderson Silva Deserve To Be a Top 5 Light Heavyweight?

jason hughesCorrespondent IFebruary 12, 2010

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  Anderson Silva has two light heavyweight fights under his belt. "The  Spider" also is not a full fledged fighter in the 205 weight class. Not yet.

  I have seen many rankings on many websites, including this one that have Silva ranked as high as number 5 in the 205 division. One question, does he deserve this?

  I am not about to argue with anybody that Silva   not only deserves his ranking, but could he    wipe out this division like he has wasted his current division with the effort of  ,well beating the snot out of Rich Franklin.

  Where is the argument? Well here it comes! In my opinion, Anderson Silva has beat a fighter turned can in James Irvin and destroyed a top ten fighter in Forrest Griffen. Does that make the current middleweight champion of the UFC a top 5 fighter in the next highest weight class.

 It could , but my problem with this theory, and I have had issues with this before is I truly believe that in order for a fighter to achieve a ranking in a weight class that he does not officially fight in would be no different than putting the heavyweight champion atop every weight class in the whole UFC.

  Now this is not a Silva hammer party, I have no doubt he is a top 10 fighter in this class, it just seems logical that he should vacate his title and actually  bring hiself to fighting at 205.

  Just if BJ Penn would have beaten GSP do you think that it would be beneficial to the organization for a man to hold titles in two seperate weight classes. I do not believe that A, that would be fair to the champion, or would it be fair to the title contenders who train for the chance to win there titles.

  Not only does ranking fighters in two classes at once make a break for pause that said fighter is the best in his own weight class, it also says that the fighter is a definate challenger for a title in another class.

  I had the same problem with Dan Henderson, who at one time was a title contender in both light heavyweight and middleweight. And I think the pressure of cutting and fighting at different levels caught up to the excellent fighter. 

  Silva needs to split the middleweight division, no doubt about it, but he must be allowed to vacate his title, and Dana needs to let him go.

  As he is already ranked in 205 and there is no threat at his current weight class I think it would only be fitting, and yes I do not care if he has to fight Lyoto Machida to do it.There are things in life you just have to get over and fighting your friend will just have to be one of them.

   Don't hold the UFC back by fighting at 205,complain about needing a challenge, and then spouting off that you would not fight your friend, this is a buisness last time I looked and your buisness is winning, not planning fishing trips with the man you must beat to cement your legacy as maybe the best pound for pound fighter in the world.

  It seems that you want to have your cake and eat it too, well beating Forrest Griffen is a good win, but I do not believe that you have touched the surface of the most talented weight class in the UFC, hell the best class in the world as I see it.

  Anderson Silva, grow a pair, fight at 205 and show everybody that you really want to fight the best, your already ranked there anyway.