"Capello Was Right to Strip John Terry" - Says Me!

David JacobsCorrespondent IFebruary 11, 2010

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 10:  Branislav Ivanovic of Chelsea talks to team mate John Terry (R) during the Barclays Premier League match between Everton and Chelsea at Goodison Park on February 10, 2010 in Liverpool, England. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
Michael Regan/Getty Images

Not the first time John Terry's been stripped ;)

Moving on, Barney Corkhill put forward five thought-provoking questions following his article on this hotly-debated issue regarding John Terry's affair and his subsequent punishment which was the removal of his right to captain England in the
2010 FIFA World Cup:

Barney Corkhill   posted about 2 hours ago

The questions this time round are:

1. Should John Terry have been stripped of the England captaincy? 
2. Is Rio Ferdinand the right man to replace him? 
3. Has the whole incident harmed England's World Cup bid? 
4. Did Capello bow to media pressure in stripping Terry as captain? 
5. Any other thoughts?

Article Link - http://bleacherreport.com/articles/343828-has-the-john-terry-affair-ended-englands-2010-world-cup-chances

My Answers To Those Five Questions:


1) YES. Any player doing the same thing would lose captaincy.

You can't excuse Chelsea players just because they're Chelsea players. Besides, they had a lucky escape over their tapping-up of Gael Kakuta. Portsmouth, a comparably lesser club are up against the wall with debt and they're not just going to escape with a tap on the hand, so who has the right to be treated differently because of who they are?

Fabio's obviously a straight-talking man and has made a decision by himself with no outside influence. Stripping Terry of the right to PLAY IN THE TEAM would be a different story, but the captain out of all players should be a role model, not that Ferdinand or Gerrard meet that criteria either, but all the same, if you've breached the rules of your camp, you face court-marshall, do you not?

2) From a role-model footballer perspective like the one which led to Terry being sacked, Ferdinand is not the ideal captain either. I remember him not turning up for a drugs test some years ago and getting a long match ban out of it. But neither is Gerrard.

Gerrard had a run-in with a DJ. My choice of captain would be Frank Lampard from that perspective. However, from a tactical standpoint, Gerrard or Ferdinand do have the tactical capability to lead a team because they set the examples and also lead by them.

3) NO. As I said before, John Terry has only been stripped of the right to lead the team. He has not been stripped of the right to play for England. If he was, I wouldn't be writing this right now and we'd have a totally different argument on our hands. Unless of course you mean the bid to HOST the tournament...which would also probably remain mostly unaffected by the actions of individual players.

But if you mean the 2010 World Cup, I don't think it'll affect the bid too much. I'm sure most players have done some things that they're not proud of. If England's bid is affected by this, Romania's bid (if they've entered) must be in tatters following Adrian Mutu's drug habits.

4) Capello is Italian. He won't let people push him around. Just look at the Mafia ;)

The Captaincy question was only going to be answered with either "yes [si]" or "no."
What's Capello meant to do? Say John Terry can keep the captaincy to avoid succumbing to pressure from the media? Or say that John Terry cannot keep the captaincy and be seen to be succumbing to pressure from the media? I'm sure that Capello based his decision purely on what his ground rules were. I bet he secretly longs for Berlusconi to stand down after all the things he keeps telling Nikolas Sarkozy at mealtimes...

5) You reap what you sow. You make your bed, you lie in it (in John Terry's case, quite happily for a while I might add). All players were briefed from Day One about the Dos and Donts of being in the England squad. Tiger Woods lost all his Nike-sponsored pampering after [impressively] pulling eight women during one marriage.

Harry Redknapp was in court today for tax evasion and taught lessons himself by handing out a fine to David Bentley for speeding and Dwayne Chambers was banned from the Olympics for years due to drug use. Therefore no sports personality is immune to punishment, not even a top Premiership footballer. John Terry should be grateful that he's still allowed to play for England this year.