The WWE Championship: Why They Should Get Rid Of The Spinner Design

Brian WoodsContributor IIFebruary 11, 2010

On April 4, 2005 John Cena won the WWE Championship at Wrestlimania 21. The Smackdown after Wrestlemania Cena debuted a new style to the WWE championship. I was a new spinner championship, now at I'll admit that at first I thought that the championship was kind of cool.

After a while of it though I thought it looked kind of like a joke and a mokery of the championship.

So I was excited when he lost to Edge, because I expected the WWE championship back to normal, like in the case of the U.S. championship(which I thought was another stupid idea, spinner U.S. Championship.)

Then Triple H won it and was drafted to smackdown in June 2008. So I thought okay they're going to have to change back now, seeing that John Cena was no longer on the same show, but I was wrong again.

Although during this time they did get rid of the spin in the spinner. As if the belt wasn't disrespected enough they then give it to Sheamus, which is a slap to the face of the championship belt in my opinion.

So what's next are you going to make tie-dye and give to someone like Hornswaggle, come on.

This championship has been made a mockery for long enough, it's time to put respect back into the WWE championship.

If you want to put it on someone that hasn't had it before so the wwe fans will stop saying it's always the same pushes. Then put it on someon who actually deserves it but, hasn't had a wwe championship run, like a Christian or Matt Hardy.

Make it into a dignified title. No spinning design. Change it back to what it was before John Cena won it.

I don't think I'm the only one that thinks that this championship is a joke now. The design needs to go back to normal, Sheamus can't be champion(at least not yet.)

Let Christian or Matt Hardy be champion and stop making this championship into some sort of joke.

Leave your comments please, I'm interested to hear what you think.