Redskins Mock Draft Update: 2/11/10

C.J. JohnsonContributor IFebruary 11, 2010

Round 1 Pick 4 - Eric Berry (S)

I know this is a questionable move and a lot of fans either want a QB or an OL, but we can deal with O-Line in the 2nd round (there are also pretty good lineman in free agency). Ever since the passing of Sean Taylor (RIP) our secondary hasn't been the same. LaRon Landry is doing horrible, so Berry would definitely help our pass/run defense. 

Round 2 Pick 5 - Charles Brown(OT)

So here we pick Charles Brown who will be a great franchise Tackle for years to come. He's also a good fit to Shanahan's famous Zone Blocking Scheme.

Round 4 Pick 5 - Mike Johnson (G)

Now we're done with O-Line picks in the draft. Mike Johnson is another great fit to Shanahan's Zone Blocking Scheme

Round 5 Pick 4 - Ben Tate (RB)

Shanahan has a knack for turning late round rb's to great ones. Ben Tate is very productive and smart (he won't do anything like Portis is doing in the locker room)

Round 7 Pick 4 - Trindon Holliday (Kick/Punt Returner)

He might not be such a great running back, but he is perfect for returning kicks. Our return game is not productive at all and this extremely fast guy can take it to the house.