MARK ROBINSONContributor IFebruary 11, 2010

Sometimes I will sit and watch an episode of Raw and when it is all over I will feel like something is missing from the show and I feel like okay when is the real fighting gone begin.  I then go down memory lane and start remembering a match that use to end with blood.  I remember those days when a wrestler would get hit with a chair an actually bleed.  I would vision scenes of a bloody stone cold still locking on the sharpshooter to his bloody opponent, wrestlers bring in the chair and knocking out their opponent, and wrestler jumping another wrestler with that all familiar black iron rod.  Back then I would finish watching the show and then wishing there was more to go on, but I had to wait til next week.

      Some of these memories came form the all famous Attitude ERA that the WWE spoke about when they had wrestlers like Stone cold, Mankind, The hitman, The rock, and Brian Pillman.  These guys would work on building a feud and a feud that would climatically end with a bloody good battle.  There would be a conclusion and you would feel like the one side got over on the other side and especially if the side you were rooting for won out.  I even can compare this Era back to the Georgia Championship wrestling show that came on Saturday evenings on TBS with host Gordon Solie.  They would bring out such great fighters like Ric Flair, Buzz SAwyer, Tully Blanchard, The Anderson Brothers, Tommy Rich, and Kevin Sullivan's Stable.  On this program, it was low budget, no Titan tron, pyros and/or loud entrance themes, and the host Gordon Solie stood behind a wooden podium that weekly would be destroyed by some fight out there with Gordon Solie running for cover.  Yes back then the wrestlers bleed and fought hard.  They sold the fights like never seen before, you would even think these guys truly hate each other.  Where has all this gone?  Why not go back to these days?  Do the WWE avoid these type of fights because the wrestlers of today cannot sell and hold up a great battle these days?  Is it because we as a society today want quick answers/results so the WWE creative team goes along with this thought and end this battles within a couple of weeks.

    The most recent example of this would be the Orton/Kofi feud.  The one episode of Raw they had Kofi destroy Orton's newly built car and then they battle for the next three weeks and ended in a PPV match and then that was that it was over.  The wrestlers never even spillied blood, never even had an all out slug fest, and there truly was never a winner and loser in this battle.  It went on so quick and ended so quick, I was left with pure disappointment and thinking about the past and where did the past go?

     The WWE needs to one forget about their PG rating theory and go back to old school.  Throw me in a couple of managers---The JJ dillion, Precious Paul Ellering types.  Then have one of them build us a stable of the likes of the 4 horsemen, Sullivan's ministry of destruction.  Then get me some old school writing and develop me some feuds that will go down in history and maybe maybe come close to the feuds from back then---Valentine vs Piper(where Piper actually went Deaf for real in his one ear, Bruno vs Swede Hansen, Tommy Rich vs Buzz Saawyer, Superstar Billy Graham vs Backland, the four horsemen vs Dusty Rhodes.  I can continue, but the true point of it all is that these battles were and are still familiar in my head and I want them back.  Lets make Legacy a true stable---Bring out Randy's dad and make him a manager then have them throw out DiBaise and rebuild Legacy with Orton, Rhodes, Batista, and throw in a masked man to add some mystery. 

In conclusion, I know some of the people in the Universe are young and are use to the wrestling they see weekly on Raw and do not get me wrong---I am and always will be a fan of the WWE and I still feel as though their program is superior to anything else, but I still miss way back then!!!  I just sometimes get mad and confused when a wrestler gets walloped with a chair and then boom no blood.  Blood adds to the thrill and excitement of telling the story.  I just know how it was way back then and I know the WWE can bring that stuff back which in my opinion will add some of the fans that have began to drift away and also will allow the WWE to get some of the fans that have turned to UFC.  I just wish that it can be like WAY BACK THEN