10 Things We Learned from Super Bowl XLIV

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10 Things We Learned from Super Bowl XLIV

This Saints have won the Super Bowl.

As former Saints' coach Mike Ditka might say, “that’s fresh.”

It’s their first Super Bowl win in their very first appearance. Perhaps most shocking this year was the pitch count. Any fan that was in denial about the league becoming pass-happy had to have finally come around to realize that the league has changed.

This is a trend that will most likely continue over the years. Even old school guys like Ditka have begun to embrace the idea of a passing league. Ditka said on “Mike and Mike in the Morning” that teams used to run and now they pass. So what?

Teams will always move towards the most efficient way of moving the ball as evidenced by a record-making number of throws this year.

With so many random facts and tidbits we learned from this year’s Big Game, it’s hard to pick just a few.

But first, here are some quick facts.

1. Did you know there is only one language in which “football” does not mean “soccer” (can you guess which one that is?).

2. The term “Super Bowl” actually wasn’t used until the third NFL Championship game in 1969.

3. In the last two years now three out of the four super bowl teams play their home games in domes.

4. Miami (this year’s site) has hosted the game a record 10 times.

5. There has yet to be a shutout in Super Bowl history.

6. According to several reports, roughly 6 percent six of the U.S. workforce misses work the Monday after the Super Bowl.

7. So if you’re still a big groggy from the Big Game here are the Top 10 things we learned from watching this year’s Super Bowl.

This list will really give you something to talk about in the lunch room when you return to work. It’s all here: from Drew Brees, to Reggie Bush, to Sean Payton and much more.

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