Dom Capers: The Defensive Genius That Takes Little To No Credit

Ryan CookFeatured ColumnistFebruary 11, 2010

BALTIMORE - DECEMBER 04:  Head Coach Dom Capers of the Houston Texans walks on the field during the game against the Baltimore Ravens on December 4, 2005 at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

If I think back to this time last year, I recall two things that were surging through my mind.  The first being that Aaron Rodgers had to pick up his game in order to guide the Packers to the playoffs, the second being, that the Packers defense needed to improve immensely through the aid of a new found coach.

I'm not a fortune teller, but I'm pretty sure I got two out of two this season given the Packers 11-5 outcome.

Unfortunately though, the Packers haven't won the Super Bowl, they haven't been the "sleeper" pick that we all expected, and they basically exited the playoffs with a whimper and a no face mask call to their name.  It's sad I know, but hey, at least we can move on to the future right?

Correct.  Luckily for Packer fans nationwide (or worldwide in my case), Green Bay's future is in the clutch and safe hands of Ted Thompson.  Yes I know, I can't believe I'm saying it either, but since the Brett Favre dilemma is now under the rug and resting peacefully, Ted has done a steady job of keeping the historic and proud organization running.

Much like any successful organization, there is of course a backbone that supports it.  The guy that may not stand out above the rest, but gets the job done when it counts.  I guess you could call him "the trench guy".  No, I'm not talking about Mike McCarthy, I'm talking about Dom Capers, the man that has turned a pathetic defense into a 3-4 powerhouse.

I can sum up Dom's career with the Green Bay Packers with one word, excellent.  When you have two Pro Bowlers coming from the defensive side in Charles Woodson and Clay Matthews, and you also successfully coach a team to be one of the top defensive teams in the league, I think it's pretty fitting that the 59 year old NFL veteran gets a little bit of credit, don't you?

Still though, Capers doesn't.  It's almost a travesty to see how much success he's brought, and then take a look at the amount of admiration he has received.  For those NFL fans out there that are wondering why I am giving Dom such a warm wrap, let me put it this way.  6-10.  The standings that Packer fans faced in 2008.  It was devastating, upsetting and above all else, just not Green Bay Packer football.

So then the Packers hire in a new man, a man that has experience.  A man that can change things for the better and offer a new found exuberance and energy to the Green Bay Packers.  Much like a lighter, Dom added the gas to the fire that was in a smouldering stage.  Then after much training, hard work and persistence, that fire took off, and gave us the 2009 11-5 Green Bay Packers that we love to debate over.

I'm not asking you to do up a shrine of Dom and place it in your bedroom, hell I'm not even asking you to like the Packers defense, just give Dom some credit. 

To quote Alex Lloyd "You were amazing, we did amazing things".  I can't think of better lyrics to sum up Capers' career so far with the Packers.