UFC Wielding The Axe After 109

Greg ParfittCorrespondent IFebruary 11, 2010

It hasn't taken long for the UFC to wield its axe and hand a number of fighters pink slips after UFC 109.

For some this has been expected for others it may come as a surprise. Frank Trigg, Mark Coleman, Tim Hague and Philipe Nover have all had their UFC careers ended according too mmamania.com. 

Frank Trigg was a largely expected decision having gone 0-2 upon his return to the UFC and not looking remotely impressive in either of his fights. There may still be a future in MMA for 'twinkle toes', possibly Japan, Strikeforce or a local circuit. In all honestly he should probably hang up the gloves and not tarnish his reputation in the sport any further.

Despite headlining a main event the end of Mark Coleman's second UFC run was expected after comments made by Dana White after the event. It only goes to further the ridiculous nature of having the hall of famer in a main event fight. Retirement seems like the best and most sensible bet for Coleman, but I will watch this space as we could still yet see a one time fight offer with Tito Ortiz! 

Philipe Nover was a bit of a surprise to me as we all know how Dana White dubbed him the 155 GSP, how laughable is that statement now!! The TUF finalist has struggled though and has not won a fight since the TUF final. Due to his time on the show I don't think he will have any trouble finding employment anywhere else!

Finally Tim Hague has been cut. I haven't seen it yet but apparently the Canadian was on the wrong side of a terrible decision at UFC 109 so this may come as a shock to him. But going 1-2 in your UFC career and being KO'd in a UFC record 7 seconds probably didn't help either. I still think he could have been useful to the division though, but apparently the UFC think differently!

So there you have it folks a quick round up of the newly unemployed fighters announced today!