Louisville-West Virginia: Cards' D Gives Mountaineers the Edge

Frank AhrensSenior Writer INovember 6, 2007

IconBy now, it’s clear that Louisville’s papier-mâché defense has ruined the Cardinals' season.

Even robo-armed QB Brian Brohm and gettin’-benched-for-personal-foulin’ WR Mario Urrutia can’t compensate for their inept teammates.
The Louisville D is ranked 79th nationally, giving up 411 yards per game. Louisville is ranked 67th in scoring defense, giving up 27 points per game.

West Virginia is ranked fourth and sixth in those categories, respectively (262 YPG and 15 PPG).

Last year, Louisville’s defense was passable at best, ranking 40th in the country at 321 YPG. It was also evidently as fragile as a New York writer’s self-confidence, given that it collapsed after the Cards' African manchild of a D-end left for the NFL.

In essence, Louisville’s defense was a game of Jenga.
And this year, you can pick your pleasure against Louisville—just like at the Bunny Ranch.

Wanna run? Why not. The Cardinals have the 61st-ranked run defense.

Running backs getting tired? Start chucking it against the nation’s 96th-ranked pass defense.
Oh, and by the way: Louisville ranks 103rd in punt-return defense.
I got sick last year watching those Louisville wide receivers running free through the WVU secondary—which appeared to be struck by a collective case of three-hour blindness.

The only way the Mountaineers D-backs could have stopped the Louisville wideouts would have been if they'd shouted “Polo!” as they ran by.
This year will be a different story. Come Thursday night in Morgantown, I’m looking forward to seeing the Cardinals’ wide receivers get hit so hard they spit up their Urrutia.