Tiger Woods Is a Sex Addict ? Really ? How ?

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Tiger Woods Is a  Sex Addict ?  Really ?  How ?
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By now everyone has heard that supposedly Tiger is/was in a clinic for treatment of an Addiction to Sex, and that, in particular, it is because he has had at least fifteen (15) dalliances, which lasted for more than just an overnight “thing”. 

Oxford defines this as follows:

ADDICT:       “A person who is addicted to a particular substance ...”

ADDICTED:       “Physically and mentally dependent on a particular substance, and unable to stop taking it without incurring adverse effects.”

ADDICTION:       “The fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity denoting a person’s inclination or proclivity.” 

The key word, I believe, is “it” as it relates to the inclusion of “particular substance” in each definition.   Here’s why:

One can become addicted to every and any “particular substance” and maybe even multiples thereof, but one CANNOT become addicted to SEX in the manner Tiger has exemplified !!! 

Tiger CANNOT be addicted to SEX when the object of his “addiction” is a person who can say “NO” !!! 

Tiger can be addicted to porn, as we hear many can be, but that’s because the computer or TV screen cannot say “NO” to Tiger when he turns it on and off ... 

I have always been a fan of Tiger’s abilities, particularly his mental abilities to “think” his way around the course, as especially exemplified by his performance at the British when he “thought” his way around the course, never landing a shot in those penal sand bunkers !!! 

Saying that Tiger can go to some clinic and be “treated” for being an “addict”, who is “addicted”, and ha an “addiction” to SEX is a ridiculous premise simply because each and every woman he approached could have said “NO” !!!   Why they didn’t is another discussion for another topic.

As I have said before, Tiger needs to “take his medicine” and let his wife divorce him and get on with his life on the golf course because no amount of “treatment” will ever reconcile him to his wife.  She will always wonder what he’s up to when he’s away, and, as proved by his past conduct, she has good reason to do so !!!

Time's a-wastin' Tiger !!!

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