Dream Match I Want at 'Mania? Edge Vs. Christian Is No-Brainer!

William RamseyContributor IIFebruary 10, 2010

If we want to talk about dream matches and WrestleMania, then let us do it for real. 

For some, Rock vs. John Cena is a match that has been floated as "dream" status.  Others thought we might see Hogan vs. Austin at WrestleMania. 

To date, neither of these matches have come to fruition. 

Arguably the greatest tag team to ever compete in a WWE ring would be the tandem of Edge and Christian.  E & C revolutionized the tag team division during their time together in which they amassed an impressive seven reigns as World Tag Team Champions.

After Edge won King of The Ring in 2001, tensions were high between the two and they feuded over the Intercontinental Championship.  The problem with these matches were that they took place during the "Invasion" by WCW and were not marquee material in many people's eyes.

Many years have passed and these two have had very successful singles careers.  Edge has been World Heavyweight and WWE Champion on several occasions.  Christian, on the other hand, has worn the NWA Heavyweight Championship and since returning to the WWE has held the ECW Championship for a period of over six months while successfully defending it time and time again.

Let us come full circle and have these two meet at the pinnacle of their game.  You need no gimmick such as TLC or a simple Ladder Match to make this one of the greatest matches that could ever be at a WrestleMania.

Both of these guys are blessed with in-ring savvy and technical skills as well as the agility to be high-fliers when the moment suits them.  Both also have a knack for a little hardcore action if the need arises.

With the history between these two and the fact they may soon be together on the same show, how long must we wait for a feud to determine who really is the better man, Edge or Christian?

Better yet, how long must we wait before this match takes place on the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania?  I'm just asking because I keep waking up from the dream before the match takes place.