Note to Hogan and Bischoff: Lashley Is The Bad Guy, Not Sting

William RamseyContributor IIFebruary 10, 2010

Earlier in the week, Hogan and Bischoff went on Bubba the Love Sponge's Radio Show and aired their distaste for Sting missing the last two TV events for personal reasons.

For the record, this radio show should now just be called TNA Radio as they seemingly talk about nothing but TNA and what Hogan is doing now.

Sting has been known and has a reputation for being a very punctual worker and is not known as one to make up reasons to miss dates.

Nevertheless, Hogan and Bischoff went on air this week as saying they did not know how they could use a guy who would not show.

Guys, if commitment and dedication for TNA is what you are looking for, you still have it with Sting and should apologize to him if in fact he had life-or-death issues to deal with and took the time off.

After apologizing to Sting, the first thing I would do is free up some much needed cash and dump Bobby Lashley from his TNA contract and never let him return.

Word going around now would suggest that he has already left TNA.  If that is not the case, cut your losses now. 

If the UFC came calling today and offered him a shot, he would be out the door anyway.  So why would you allow him to walk back in the door any time he wanted?

If you want to make TNA #1, go with the guys who are there to help you do just that and quit trashing them in the media.  If you want TNA to be the Minor Leagues for eternity, run with guys like Lashley who will leave you high and dry when a better opportunity is presented to them. 

That's all I'm saying.