43 Bold Predictions For The 2010 MLB Season

Michael AkelsonCorrespondent IFebruary 10, 2010

ANAHEIM, CA - SEPTEMBER 08: Felix Hernandez #34 of the Seattle Mariners pitches against the Los Angeles Angels of Aneheim on September 8, 2009 at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California.  (Photo by Jacob de Golish/Getty Images)
Jacob de Golish/Getty Images

          Year in and year out sportswriters everywhere make bold predictions for the upcoming MLB season. Sometimes they're right sometimes they're wrong and this year is no different.

           So just like any other writer some of my predictiions will seem obvious while others will make you drop your jaw and say DAMN!!!

           So without further ado I give you 44 Bold Predictions for the  2010 MLB season:

1. Lastings Milledge will have more HR+SB then Grady Sizemore

2. Erik Bedard willl start more then 30 games and keep an E.R.A under 4.00 this season

3. I will regret one of my first two predictions

4.  B.J Upton will lead the A.L in stolen bases

5. Pablo Sandoval will win the NL batting title

6. Jason Bay will struggle to hit .250 and miss his former best friend The Green Monster

7. Elvis Andrus will hit .300 and win a Gold Glove at Shortstop

8. Brandon Webb will finish second in NL Cy Young Voting...

9. ...But Clayton Kershaw will take home the hardware

10. The Seattle Mariners will win the AL West... By more then 5 Games

11.  Neftali Feliz will win the AL Rookie of the year

12. Jason Heyward will take home the NL Rookie of the year

13. The Yankees will go on a 2 game losing streak and sign Roger Clemens to a $45 Million, 1 year deal out of panic...

14. ...Just Kidding

15. The Yankees will win the AL East...

16. ...and the Rangers will take the AL Wild Card leaving the Red Sox and Rays out of the playoffs

17. The Phillies, Dodgers and Cardinals will win their respective divisions and the Cincinnati Reds will win the NL Wild Card

18. Derek Jeter will finally win the AL MVP award

19. Albert Pujols will repeat as NL MVP

20. The Twins will win the AL Central...

21. ...But will lose to the Mariners in the playoffs first round

22. Felix Hernandez will win the AL Cy Young by one vote over teammate Cliff Lee

23. Adam Jones will hit at least 30 HR's and Steal at least 20 bases

24. Jay Bruce will hit 35 HR and keep his average above .270

25. Tommy Hanson will win 18 games wsith an E.R.A south of 3.50

26. Justin Upton will hit .300 with 30 HR and 20 SB

27. Alfonso Soriano will struggle to hit .240

28. The New York Mets will buy health insurance before the start of this season

29. David Aardsma will save at least 40 of the Mariners 100 Wins

30. Robinson Cano will hit 30 HR

31. Andrew McCutchen hit 20 HR and Swipe 30 bags

32. The Florida Marlins will finish at 81-81, exactly .500

33. David Wright will go 20-20 with a .310 average and 100 RBI's

34. Matt Wieters will make SportCenter Top 10 plays every time he gets a hit

35. Ryan Braun will steal 20 bases

36. The Brewers will finish below .500

37. The Nationals not win back-to-back games all season, but...

38. Ryan Zimmermann will have another great year

39. The Mariners will dethrone the Yankees in the ALCS

40. And the Dodgers will shut down Albert "Winnie The" Pujols in a clean 4 game sweep in the NLCS

41. The Mariners will take a 3-man rotation into the Fall Classic consisting of: King Felix, Cliff Lee and Erik Bedard

42. The Mariner's will win a thrilling World Series in 7 games

43. Felix Hernandez will take home the ultimate Accolade: World Series MVP

            So there you have it: 43 Bold Predictions for the 2010 MLB season. Feel free to comment on what you do and dont agree with. Thank you.



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