A-ROD: Pre-Madonna or In-Madonna?

Steve MContributor IJuly 2, 2008

The recent tabloid headlines surfacing about an alleged fling between the AL MVP Alex Rodriguez and Madonna have been spreading like wildfire.  The two had been spotted working out together at a New York gym last week and have been spotted on other occasions around the Manhattan.

Reports have claimed the two were connected through their managers and have become good "friends."  A-Rod apparently has also been speaking with Madonnas music agent... That's all baseball needs, a singing A-Rod 

Just last week Modonna was also spotted at Yankee Stadium with her kids in hand. 

Truthfully I don't see the relationship going any farther than October, because truthfully A-Rod can't hit anything in October.  While in the meantime he is keeping up his reputation as "Stray-Rod."