2011 QB Erich Berzinskas: Gem Of Connecticut

Warren LentContributor IFebruary 10, 2010

With the first quarterback evaluation, I look at Erich Berzinskas. Erich is a 6’5” QB from The Morgan School in Connecticut. I checked out his film and I was extremely impressed by the various skills he possessed.


He has absolutely excellent mobility when outside of the pocket. When I first looked at his height and weight I automatically thought that he was a pocket quarter back and nothing else. I was quickly proved wrong by the second play on his film.


Making it even more impressive, he is 6’5”. While he does have great lateral quickness he also has amazing vertical speed. On some plays where he must scramble out of the pocket to make a play, it seems as if he eats up 10 yards in the blink of an eye. Adding on to his speed, when Berzinskas is outside the pocket he has great vision and is able to get the ball to seemingly any receiver on the field.


His throwing motion is absolutely effortless, and his deep balls glide through the air without any fluttering at all. This gives way to his passing accuracy which is very good but could use some polishing. He is spot on within 15 yards with his passes, but seems to lose his receivers a bit outside of 15 yards.


The Verdict: Erich Berzinskas is one of the best Northeast quarterbacks in the 2011 class and a top 30 quarterback in all of the country. He hasn’t received very much press coming out of Connecticut but with a very good summer showing there is no doubt he will see offers pouring in from D-1 stalwarts. Berzinskas has amazing potential with all his natural talents and with some work on his passing ability and mechanics, I believe he could very well be a premier quarterback at the next level.


College Choices: Boston College (Others not known at the moment)


Grade: B+