NFL Rumor Mill: Donte Stallworth Works-Out With Detroit Lions

Zack NallyCorrespondent IFebruary 10, 2010

SAN DIEGO - JANUARY 17:  Running back LaDainian Tomlinson #21 of the San Diego Chargers sits on the bench in the final moments of the AFC Divisional Playoff Game against the New York Jets at Qualcomm Stadium on January 17, 2010 in San Diego, California. The Jets defeated the Chargers 17-14.  (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)
Donald Miralle/Getty Images

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LaDainian Tomlinson

The 2010 offseason will be chock full of roster changes and updates alike, and no one will be exempt. LaDainian Tomlinson has served as the face of his franchise for nine seasons, but it looks like he will not be a Charger for his tenth. 

The 2006 MVP award winner is due for a $2 million contract bonus on March 5th and it's now expected that the team will cut him before that date. Where he ends up beyond that is anyone's guess.

It's apparent that Tomlinson is no longer an every-day kind of back, but there's no reason to believe he still can't provide a spark for any running game. There are talks that he may relocate to San Francisco, but the Niners already have Frank Gore and recorded the least amount of rush attempts last year.

Washington is also a possibility, sporting a pair up of Portis and Tomlinson that looks strikingly similar to the Johnson/Benson matchup in Cincinnati. Seattle could be a good fit as well as Houston. For now, though, Chargers fans will hope for the best and try hard not to imagine their beloved back in a different jersey.


Donte Stallworth

After being convicted over nearly six months ago for a DUI/manslaughter, Stallworth's suspension was lifted and he was reinstated to the NFL shortly after the Super Bowl. The Cleveland Browns acted quickly and released him—had he remained on the roster through March 20th, the team would have owed him a $1 million contract bonus.

Stallworth worked out with the Detroit Lions this week, much to the excitement, and chagrin, of Lions fans. Some believe his checkered past is too much of a distraction for a team that doesn't need any more problems. Others believe the receiver's athleticism is a blessing in disguise and could provide the answer to replacing Detroit's wide out bust, Bryant Johnson.

Other teams, the Miami Dolphins, Cincinnati Bengals, and New England Patriots, are also considering Stallworth. 


Nathan Vasher

Black Monday has come and gone and Vasher is still a Bear, but maybe not for long. The six-year cornerback has seen his production taper off lately and the team may not have a use for him anymore. 

The team signed him to a five-year, $28 million contract extension just before the 2007 season, but has only started 11 games since. He is set to make an additional $2.95 million in 2010 and the Bears may not be willing to pay.

Although, Vasher isn't completely out of the loop. Chicago's corners have a history of injury issues and it's unclear whether or not the team has the proper depth behind Charles Tillman and Charles Bowman. On the surface, it would appear unwise for the team to release a player with such familiarity in the system, but his price tag far exceeds his performance for the past two seasons. 


Brandon Marshall

After butting heads with head coach Josh McDaniels once again during the season, the Denver Broncos may, once again, be considering trade options for wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

Owner Pat Bowlen stated he would have no problem with Marshall staying put in Denver but would not veto any trade that McDaniels considered a benefit to the team. Marshall is entering the final year of his contract and would be due $2.2 million by season's end. 

It's apparent that a number of teams will be interested in Marshall, should the Broncos make the move, but his on-field personality isn't exactly the most appealing. Cleveland is on the list of interested prospects, sporting return specialist Josh Cribbs and quarterback Brady Quinn as possible trading chips. 

Baltimore is also rumored to be on the look out for a new receiver to bolster their flaccid pass offense that couldn't get the job done in the postseason.


Ricky Foley

It was reported that the CFL defensive star worked out with the Philadelphia Eagles. It isn't the first time the Eagles have dipped into the CFL. Last season, the team signed CFL rookie of the year running back Martell Mallett to a one-year deal as insurance for the injured Brian Westbrook.

After leading the CFL in sacks (12), it appears Foley will be the next Canadian League star to join the ranks of NFL professional athletes. The Eagles aren't completely sold yet, but their interest in the defensive end will spark adjacent interest by other teams.