Open Mic: What Is a Sport Exactly?

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Open Mic: What Is a Sport Exactly?

So when this thought was first sent to me I thought I know what a sport is, but then I stopped to think what is it actually? 

Does it require some amount of physical exertion?  And if so by what standard do we set it to? 

Does it require some kind of special talent?  If so why are so many young men and  women floundering in the lower rankings of the tennis and golf tours?

A sport is hard to define because there are so many different aspects to it and so many different arenas we consider to be sports.

Whether it's poker, baseball, basketball, cheerleading anything at all people compete to win items, or money and enjoy doing it.  And yet others get enjoyment from watching the people compete. 

When I was in high school I was on the sports team on our newspaper staff, and we always had a huge debate (Matt Gard can attest to this), about what was and wasn't a sport, especially when it came to pom pons and cheerleading. 

I am a college athlete and love nothing more than the thrill of competition, and I assume every athlete is the same and or unique in their own way when it comes to competition. 

I don't think anyone has the right to "define" a sport as a sport.  If people are playing it and enjoying doing so in a competitive nature, then it could be considered a sport. 

A mental state is definitely involved in anything an athlete is involved.  It takes some amount of skill to play well, and succeed, but overall as athletes we all have to tip our caps to the other athletes because they are doing something that we probably couldn't excel at in their sport and visa versa.

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