Free Agent Frenzy

Eric JohannesenContributor IJuly 1, 2008

The money flowed fast and furiously on the first day of NHL free agency, with the two most coveted players in the market still looking for new homes.

The threat of retirement is not standing in the way of NHL teams taking a hard run at free agent forward Mats Sundin.

Sources tell TSN as many as four teams have tabled offers for the 37-year-old, including the Vancouver Canucks, who have offered a whopping $10 million per year on a two-year contract. The Canucks' offer includes a $5 million signing bonus, plus $5 million to play in 2008-09.  There would be $5 million due on July 1, 2009 and another $5 million to play in 2009-2010.


My take on the whole thing:

Sundin is obviously the big target this year, especially for Canadian fans.  If he ends up in a non-Canadian market, then that might hurt some fans.  They loved watching him in Toronto for his entire career and he needs to stay in the borders. 

Anyways, the Stars resigned their core players, loving that Ott and Eriksson were resigned.  We lose Hagman to Toronto, 12 million for 4 years.  That is alright, Louis got 2 years, 3.2 million.  He is going to have to fill that void.

Brad Richards, oh man, Turco taking the next step.  Oh man watch out Stars Western Conference champions next year.  Taking it away from Pittsburgh in 6 I believe.