What a Mess... Sizing up the 2007 Baltimore Ravens

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What a Mess... Sizing up the 2007 Baltimore Ravens
IconI have never seen a team in such disarray.  The Baltimore Ravens need some serious help on offense, and they also need help on defense.  I just got finished watching that mess of a game, and I have to agree with one of the commentators who said that the match looked like a homecoming game, and the Ravens were hand picked opponents.

I am not affraid to admit it: I'm a Ravens fan. But this is becoming a sad state of affairs.  Billick needs to be fired.  The offense needs to be blown up and redone.  The defense is starting to get old, and if you look at the games they won, two of them should have been losses.  The Ravens have scored a total of nine offensive touchdowns, and no one is really afraid of the defense that used to put people out.  

Now, they're just a mere shell of what they use to be.  

If you listen to certain Raven personnel, you would think otherwise—but it's as plain as the nose on your face that this team is in trouble.  

I have listened to Ray Lewis spouting off: "other than those three plays, we were dominant."  

Well, I hate to be the one who has to break the news to Ray, but those three plays counted, and that's why they almost lost that game to the Cardinals.

My solution is this: fire Brian Billick and hire Steve Mariucci.  

Get rid of Steve McNair—he cannot make the deep throws that the team needs.  Have Mariucci and Rick Neuheisel revamp the entire offensive playbook.  Find some wide receivers that can stretch the field and use them( see Demetrius Williams), and start drafting some decent offensive players.

Ozzie Newsome has shown that he drafts good defensive players, although if you saw tonight's game, the back up corners may make you think differently.  I know there are some good receivers coming out this year that can come in and help a team win.

I am not too sure about Troy Smith.  I know there are a lot of Ohio State fans out there…I am not one of them (GO DUCKS), but the Ravens have to start doing something.  The fans of Baltimore deserve better.

If there is anyone out there who has any other suggestions (short me finding a new team to root for) let me know, PLEASE!

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