Is It TheTim Tebow Era?

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  Is It TheTim Tebow Era?
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Tim Tebow  Perhaps the best college Player to ever play college football. Tim Tebow has led the gators for 4 years 3 as a starter. In that span winning 2 BCS championships and a heisman trophy. He also set records in the rushing game and passing game. He is without a dought the top college athlete in recent years.

Tebow now has a big obstacle to overcome, The NFL. Tim Tebow strugled in the seniorbowl he fumbled and completed very short passes. The scouts say he strugles with snaps under center, he has to long of a release, and he wont be able to run people over like he did in College. But I say Tim Tebow has the ability if he puts in the hardwork to train himself he could be a top Quarterback it may take him a couple of years but he has the raw physical skills to be great, look at his game in the sugar bowl completing most of his passes and passing for over 500 yards in a rout of Cincinnati.


So will a team take a chance on him? Of course. Will he go in the first round? Probably not but that will push Tim Tebow to work even harder. Tim Tebow will be a star.

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