"Stimson Out": Even The Away Fans What Him Out Of Gillingham

Daniel GoochAnalyst IFebruary 9, 2010

Gillingham boss Mark Stimsom must have got the messege by now. Ever the Tranmere fans were shouting "We want Stimson out".

Gillingham have not won since before christmas. As well as that they haven't won away from home all seson.

I can't see how even his closest supports can say he deserves to stay at the club.

Respectable B/R writer Yoosof Farah said, "Stimson out; he's afraid to substitute the totally misfiring Simeon Jackson, & there were times we had a defensive set up & a 4-5-1 formation to prevent any goals going in; when we were already 1-0 down!! Stimson is a better manager than all of us fans put together, let's be honest, but he simply is not up to the standard to manage Gillingham Football Club."

Tonight's match against Tranmere at Priestfield Stadium look like it was going to be a good one for the home side.

You don't know what your doing

This phrase is used a lot in football matches, but this refferee truely deserved to critisised.

Foul after foul commited by Tranmere players got unpunished, however the slightest tough by a Gillingham player and the Tranmere player went down and got a free kick.

I may be bias towards Gillingham, but I believe the refferee was also being bias towards the away team.

To be honest, the refferee was a complete d!ck.

What are you thinking?

Arguably one of the worst substitution decisions was to take off one of the most consistant players at the moment, Mark Bentley, and replace him with Adam Miller.

..... WTF?!

Miller publically stated that he no longer wants to play for gillingham and wants to move. Why would you then put him on while the team is 1-nil down?

Gillingham Vs Tranmere

The game wasn't the best i've seen Gillingham play but they did make a lot of chances, which they could not capitalise on.

All through the match the ball was going from one end to the other. Chance after chance were going astray for both sides.

The best save of the game is when Julian managed to pull off a reaction save from a pin point header from Edds.

Atfer Tranmere managed to scramble the ball over the line to go ahead, Gillingham turned up the pressure. They had more than a handful of shot fly over the crossbar not even troubling the keeper. The closest the Gills came to scoring is when Barcham  cut inside and crossed low for Rooney, who rattled the crossbar with a rising drive.

So, after tonight's match i think Stimson realises that almost every Gillingham fan, and all of the 104 Tranmere fans, want him to leave the club.

Stimson OUT!!