Out With The Old and In With The New

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Out With The Old and In With The New
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     Hey Eagles fans out there, have you been receiving a lot of talk about never winning a super bowl, that the Eagles suck, that the Eagles can't win in the playoffs, that the Eagles suck more than the Giants because the Giants won a bunch of Superbowls, that the Eagles defense sucks, that the Eagles coaching sucks, that Andy Reid can't coach, that McNabb's too old?

    Well, to tell you the truth, thats exactly what I've been hearing all along. Ever since I became an Eagles fan. There are priorities of being an Eagles fan. The Eagles have long win streaks at the end of the season and go in the playoffs as cinderellas. They go on hotstreaks in the beginning of the year. They make a good run in the playoffs. They win the division, and sometimes even make a 1 or 2 seed. There's just one thing I've not mentioned. A DAMN SUPER BOWL. Why can't the Eagles win late? Why does McNabb choke? Why does Westbrook get injured? Why can't Andy Reid coach? Why can't the defense work? My big question is though: Why don't they make changes?

    It's time for McNabb to go. Face it, he's had his chances. 10 damn years with a few good teams but he just couldn't pull it off. Now, I know most of all that it wasn't just his fault. There was T.O, Andy Reid, bad WR's. But, a quarterback is a man who leads his team in controversy. And that's what McNabb isn't. A respected quarterback isn't one who throws up in the Super Bowl, or one who chokes in the playoffs with Philadelphia behind him.

    And most of all, look who's behind him. Vick, who we all know can make plays. And Kolb, a talented, young quarterback that had a few good starts this year. If not that, look at the draft, there will be many new, great quarterbacks in the years to come (not this year).

   So, face it Eagles fans, he's gotta go, fast, or we'll be going nowhere fast.

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