Why I Personally Want TNA To Fail

William RamseyContributor IIFebruary 9, 2010

Through the years, one man has been very constant in TNA.  That name is Steve Borden, Sting.  He was also a constant in the days of WCW.  He was the standard bearer for what loyalty meant.

We do not know what personal matters have taken place, but Sting was forced to miss the Genesis PPV and the Impact tapings that followed. 

Everyone in the locker room is simply concerned for him and his family as it is not known why he missed, but one thing is certain.  He is not one to make up excuses and miss shows without a valid reason.  His work ethic is undeniable.

Recently, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff went on Bubba the Love Sponge's Radio Show to air their disgust for what they called an intolerable act.  Of course, they were speaking of Sting missing the two events. 

Bischoff noted that we are trying to make this company #1, but we cannot do it with someone who is not serious about the business.  Hogan spoke up and said he did not know how he could use somebody who was not there.

These are two guys who have no right to question anyone, especially Sting, when it comes to family issues and taking time off.  Sting has been nothing but loyal where he has been.  Hogan and Bischoff have never been about loyalty, choosing to be all about the money instead.  The man with the most green was their man.  That man now is a woman by the name of Dixie Carter.

Dixie, if I were you dear, I would get out while I still had some money left.  The only place you can go with these two clowns is not to the top of the mountain.  Instead, you can only go straight down the toilet. 

I will close by saying if these two guys are really that cold blooded towards Sting over this issue, they will do anyone this way.  Dixie, if this is who you want running the show, you deserve to fail.  If you are happy with the current setup, then I personally want TNA to fail.