ESPN:The Worldwide Leader In Nonsense

Avry Lewis-McDougallContributor IFebruary 8, 2010

ESPN 2, the alternate to ESPN, a station that showed such sports as Aussie Rules football and marketed the NHL to the point in which it was always on American TV was something grand but then, ESPN decided to change it in 2007(they had lost the NHL in 2005 to NBC but ESPN2 was still going strong) by making everything to be known as ESPN and making ESPN2 really just a 2nd feed of the original ESPN with close to no unique sports and really ESPN has become a hypocrite station by turning ESPN 2 into a 2nd bland feed and showed that they sold out on their viewers, just to make even more money despite the fact that it was already worth billions, and shows that the heads of ESPN in Bristol are nothing more than greedy suits and also since when did it become news to just report the same story over and over again and change around 2 or three words like Adam Shefter and Chris Mortensen do all the time? An example from Mr. Mortensen..

Chris M: Dwight Freeny is questionable for the Superbowl.

1 hour later

Chris M: Dwight Freeny might play tonight.

2 hours later

Chris M: Dwight Freeny is hoping to play tonight.

Yeah thanks for keeping us up to date Chris with “NeWs” (note the cool ESPN 2 pre sellout font)

 Don’t get me wrong there are some excellent personalities on ESPN and ESPN radio (Chris Berman and the NFL countdown Panel minus Shefter and Mortensen, Stu Scott, Kenny Mayne, Mark Jackson, Mark Jones, Barry Melrose, Joe Morgan, Scott Van Pelt Bob Valvanno the PTI and Around the Horn crew, Jim Rome for JRIB and others) but the majority have forgotten what it means to truly dig for a story.

Its funny how ESPN tries to force Colin Cowheard down are throats, when this is the same man who said when the late Shawn Taylor of the Washington Redskins was killed in his home during a failed robbery he brought it upon himself. HMMM ESPN yes Taylor did have a rough past but what prove did Colin have that his death had to do with his past? and that sounds pretty disrespectful. If you ask me Mr.Cowheard should have been fired for those comments. Also, how about ESPN silencing Scott Van Pelt for a week when he said that commissioner the salary that Bud Selig gets ($18.5 million) made him “choke on his own vomit” and thinking that he shouldn’t be getting as much? That’s the ESPN way I guess if someone speaks their mind and is right you should stop them, Selig is slowly destroying major league baseball and the man gets $18.5 million a year? What a joke. It’s laughable as to how ESPN can stand behind a man who moved the Expos into a market that ranked 24th out of the 30 MLB teams in attendance all season  (it’s a sad market right now) and allowed a tie in the all star game. Also ESPN, sure you don’t broadcast the NHL anymore but it doesn’t mean you have to make fun of the league and talk to the viewers as if we’ve never seen a puck before when Barry Melrose is on, and yeah Barry is Canadian, ENOUGH WITH THE STUPID NEED TO MAKE AWKWARD CANADA JOKES as a Canadian myself I feel that they are the most idiotic things to do on TV, we Canadians are humans! We are not exotic animals holy crap ESPN.

I still have more in the tank for ESPN, why do you truly feel the need to always suck up to Tom Brady and the Pats? Even when they lose?! Oh my goodness Brady could go 4-42 in passing throw 6 interceptions and New England loses 61-0 to the Lions and they will still say how Brady was able to keep his cool when he made the 4 completions to Welker. Hey, I know you’re based in the Northeast but how about you talk about the other 31 teams in the league and praise them huh?

That’s all for now, I think I’ve ripped this company enough for one night. I’m Avry and I’m gone remember folks, listen to my sports show Avry’s Sports Show on every Tuesday night at 7PM Mountain time and follow me on twitter at