Montreal-Quebec Series: Birthday Boy Hurts Quebec City

Francois GendronSenior Writer IFebruary 8, 2010

The second game of this eight-game series has been played Sunday at the Verdun Auditorium and Montreal's Francis Leblanc celebrated his 31st birthday in great fashion as he netted two goals in this 2-1 victory.

Once again, the only notable player on Quebec's side was the goaltender, Julien Walsh, who saved his team from a second massacre in a row. Quebec city has not the firepower of their opponents and plays poorly. With just a bit of opportunism, this series could be tied at one game apiece.

But once the horn sounded after the third period, Montreal found themselves up two games to nothing in the series without having to face their opponent's swagger, if there's some in this room.

Game three of the series will be hosted by Quebec city this next Sunday. Quebec is now in a must-win situation. If there is to be any series, head coach Michel Bergeron has to do something to jump start his team.

Game two: Montreal 2 - Quebec City 1. (Montreal leads the series by 2-0).