College Basketball History: First Game (Humor)

Jaime IrvineCorrespondent IFebruary 8, 2010

Today we posted a new brief History article on the site, “First College Basketball Game," which I suggest all basketball history buffs check out. The coolest part in my opinion is this very high resolution image (click image for huge version) of the 1896 Yale Bulldogs team.

Yale 1896 Basketball

Does anyone else find this photo a bit strange? I mean, besides their sweet haircuts and super tight uniforms. For some reason they are all looking in different directions.

The three guys in the middle are looking at the middle camera, but the rest seem to be look at side angles and the one kid sitting down is facing and looking completely sideways, giving us a full profile.

I’m also curious what job the guys in sweaters in the back row had.

And what do the shoulder sashes that six of them are wearing represent?

Lastly, I love their ballerina shoes.  Thank god Converse eventually came along and revolutionized the basketball shoe.

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