Don't Think Cena and Batista Aren't Headlining At WrestleMania

Andy The Bad GuyCorrespondent IFebruary 8, 2010

I know this is the last thing any of you want to hear but after watching SmackDown and seeing Batista walk out of his match I sat for a few minutes after the show thinking about WrestleMania possibilities and I thought of the Slammys after TLC and what John Cena said that he would not lose another match until he became WWE Champion. And here comes the scary part...

Cena hasn't been pinned after that speech so I figured what many people might not like what WWE could have in store for us.I hate to say it but there's a chance Cena and Batista won't be held in a McMahon-Hart match. John Cena could win the Elimination Chamber and become WWE Champion. Then Jericho will probably win the SmackDown Chamber Match and the World Heavyweight Title.

Edge decides to reveal his WrestleMania opponent as Jericho on RAW. Then Batista announces that McMahon promised him a World Championship Match at WrestleMania if he helped him ambush Bret Hart weekly and there we have it. John Cena VS Batista for the WWE Championship and Bret Hart VS McMahon or Bret Hart and Cena VS Batista and McMahon for the WWE Championship and only Cena and Batista can become champions if their team wins or Cena vs Batista for the title with McMahon and Bret Hart by ringside.

So this could be our main event and unfortunately as much as we don't want Cena as champion he and Batista put on a great match at Summerslam which we're either gonna settle with that or Sheamus, your choice. Thanks for reading.