Longing For Baseball.....

Joe ObryckiContributor IFebruary 8, 2010

DETROIT - APRIL 10:  Miguel Cabrera #24 of the Detroit Tigers swings at the pitch against the Texas Rangers during Opening Day on April 10, 2009 at Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan. Detroit won the game 15-2. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

As we edge closer to the days that the winter wonderland melts into the spring playground, I can’t help but long for the days and boys of summer to return.  Baseball season is coming up fast in our rearview mirror, but still feels miles away.  This time of year as football season comes to an end, and basketball and hockey are in the stagnant middle months of their respective seasons, time seems to stand still for people like myself, my brothers, and my father.  We are baseball fanatics and we count down the days until pitchers and catchers report because it brings us one step closer to the game and team we so passionately love.  As I sit inside on this cold but sunny day on the brink of another snow storm to hit our state, I can’t help but dream of April 9th 2010, Detroit Tigers opening day.  Opening Day in Detroit is nothing short of a holiday, especially to my family.  Already I can smell the open air at Comerica Park, as well as taste the hot dogs, pizza, and cold beer that come along with that glorious day.  Four months have gone by since I’ve set foot in our cathedral that is Comerica Park, and it pains me that I still have to endure another two months until my almost addict thirst for baseball is finally fulfilled.  These painful months feel almost like a jail sentence, stuck inside, no activities, no quality sports on TV, just longing for my release date and a time where I feel whole and alive again.  Baseball season brings me to life as does the spring to the trees and flowers.  Watching Miguel Cabrera smack a long ball over the left field fence, or hearing the roar of the crowd as Justin Verlander dusts off another unworthy adversary gives me goose bumps.  So to my fellow baseball addicts who feel my pain, our day is fast upon us, fifty five days until the baseball season opens on Easter Sunday with, who else, but Yankees vs. Red Sox.  To my fellow Tigers fans, only 60 days until the gates at Comerica Park open themselves to another season of Brandon Inge web gems at third; masterpiece pitching from Justin Verlander; hope for rookie starters like Austin Jackson and Scott Sizemore to become stars; intimidation of opposing pitching at the plate from Miguel Cabrera; and personally my favorite, time spent at the park in the summer with my father and brothers. Nothing beats that, well maybe that time being spent in the fall during the World Series, a boy can still dream right? Go Get’em Tigers!