Why WWE Has Always Been Partial.

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Why WWE Has Always Been Partial.
Gaye Gerard/Getty Images

I wonder why the stars like Shelton Benjamin, Matt Hardy are always made to be at the back seat, while they have proved themselves a countless number of times. I seem to remember the time when Vince was forced to bring back the elder Hardy because of public demand.

While the new stars like Sheamus, CM Punk,Kofi Kingston are given extra-ordinary importance than they actually deserve while Shelton & Hardy remains neglected.I wonder if that albino(Sheamus) was more talented than Shelton.

Its high time they should be treated properly,This could be a personal view, but I suppose they can make it big anytime, when given a chance.

This is my first article so its a humble request to provide your feedbacks & comments as they will be deeply appreciated. 

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