Saints-Colts: "Saints Win Superbowl 45 In Unexpected Results"

Nikolai ClaryContributor IFebruary 8, 2010

The Saints Came into the Tampa Florida playing the Colts for Super Bowl 45, The Colts were the Favorite to win but Drew Brees came into the 2nd half and proved everybody wrong!. Peyton Manning was throwing it well it's the colts defense that hurt them. The Colt's scored 1st with a FG, Followed by a TD right after 3& out for the Saints. The Saints went down and scored a FG, then on next possession they went for it on 4&Goal and was STUFFED!!!!!!. At Halftime it was 10-6 Colts oh yeah, but then the 3rd Quarter was brutal for the Colts. The Colts couldn'tconvert when needed to so in the send Drew Brees was the Favorite, New Orleans Erupted with Excitement for a team who had never been to the super bowl & for a team who hasn't been that Clutch for a while but this was all SAINTS THIS YEAR, Unfortunately. Well the Panthers will beat and prove the Saints next year again, and the Saints as for them i pronounce you to be CURSED!. Go Panthers!