A New Wrestling War? Not Yet

Zach DuncanContributor IFebruary 8, 2010

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  (L-R) Wrestler Triple H, World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. Chairman Vince McMahon, and wrestlers John Cena and Shawn Michaels pose in the ring during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Recently I commented on someone's article regarding the Royal Rumble and such things, and in the author's reply to my comment he mentioned "this wrestling war" between WWE and TNA like it's already going on.

This seemed odd to me. As far as I know, all that's going on right now is TNA calling out WWE pretty much on a weekly basis (I'll talk about that in a second) and WWE simply ignoring them.

But whether it has happened yet or not, eventually there will be a wrestling war going on, and for TNA to realize its huge potential it needs to rethink how they do things a little.

First of all, they need to stop yelling at WWE all the time. All that does is give the enemy more attention. It also shows how obsessed with taking down WWE they really are, one of the things that caused the downfall of WCW.

If TNA doesn't want to end up the same way, maybe even before they really get going, they need put WWE in the back of their minds and focus on their own product.

TNA also needs to figure out how to use their talent. TNA has amazing wrestlers, and I'm not talking about all the WWE rejects, I mean the TNA originals.

Many of these guys have been there for years, some since the beginning, and yet they keep getting passed up by ex-WWE/WCW stars.

TNA should reward these guys for their loyalty and making the company what it is today, instead of forgetting about them for already established wrestlers.

Along with that, TNA also needs to learn how to create their own big names. Really the only (stable) main-eventer TNA has made is AJ Styles. Quite frankly, the guy has such a following that they would have been stupid not to.

Seriously, making AJ a main-eventer and keeping him there (unlike Samoa Joe, who seems to go in and out) is the smartest thing TNA has ever done (no, not bringing in Hogan).

Not relying on previous WWE talent is something TNA needs to seriously consider. It won't attract any WWE fans, or at least not for long. The style of TNA's matches is too different from WWE's that most won't like it.

Plus many of the former WWE superstars are only in TNA because the work schedule is much more relaxed and/or (for people like Jeff Hardy and Brian Kendrick) the complete lack of a drug/wellness policy.

My next word of advice for TNA: GET A WELLNESS POLICY! If and when TNA even somewhat as well known as WWE and they still don't have a Wellness Policy they are going to be in a world of hurt from government-required crackdowns.

The Motor City Machineguns are already known to do drugs, Brian Kendrick was kicked out of WWE for repeated drug use, Jeff Hardy is facing drug charges, and who knows who else, plus any possible steroid usage.

Following the "success" of the live three-hour TNA Impact on Monday, Jan. 4, everyone is pushing for TNA to move to Monday really soon. Bad idea. While the episode received the highest ratings for TNA ever, it was still crushed by Monday Night Raw.

Going up against the flagship of the WWE so soon in the game will almost surely guarantee them a swift defeat.

TNA needs to stay on Thursday where it has no competition as long as possible, at least until its ratings can rival Smackdown's, much less Raw's.

Finally, if TNA has any hope of getting into a position where they can compete with WWE, they need to get rid of Hulk Hogan.

The guy is not as much of a genius as everyone thinks he is. I remember seeing a promo where AJ Styles says that "everything he touches turns to gold." Apparently he has forgotten about the AWA, WCW, and all those 90's movies.

Hogan seems to have very little respect towards anything that's made TNA different, such as the talent, the fans, even the six-sided ring.

Hogan replaced the TNA-style ring for the traditional squared circle without notifying any of the wrestlers beforehand and didn't care what the fans thought about it.

Now, anyone who watched the Stone Cold/Vince McMahon feud understands the boss messing with everyone for good storylines, but no one with any real business sense takes something the entire fan base disapproves of and says "too bad."

Hulk is guilty of doing the exact opposite of the things I said above. He always tries to take shots at the WWE and is much more interested in bringing back already established wrestlers from WWE/WCW than advancing any TNA originals other than AJ Styles.

For someone who said he believed that TNA was the future, he really is stuck in the past. And let's not even get into the 100 percent repeat of the Montreal Screwjob.

So please TNA, focus on yourselves, give your original talent some good pushes, stay off Monday for the time being, and PLEASE get rid of Hulk Hogan. Oh, and don't forget about the Wellness Policy.