Should WWE bring back their "Attitude Era" or NOT?

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Should WWE bring back their

The whole reason I' am creating Slideshow is to tell everyone my opinion and views on everything happening in WWE today, so that is why I' am doing, but right I'm going to give you a brief statement on WWE today. On December 13, 2009 at WWE newest PPV's premiere John Cena was pushed off of the turnbuckle when him and Sheamus were having a quarrel on the structure and guess what happen......

He freaking slammed threw the table nearby in the ring and when I heard and saw the news on wwe's website, I just sat in the chair in such disgust towards him because he just lost to one of the men with the gimmicks EVER and I saw Sheamus standing over John with his foot on his chest and that was just a total disappointment.

I know he lost many other matches like that before, but the idea of him losing to a goofy looking troll as Sheamus just disappointed me, so now I don't support John anymore because 1 if I were him I would said to Vince "No, I don't want to lose a match at every other PPV all of the time!"

So now these days just from beating up a wimp like Jamie Noble, he all of a sudden been pushed to become WWE champ, but that is very weird because they can do that for "troll", but not for Kofi a man who proved time and time again that he is worthy for a major title, but "No!" WWE said we will stick the African superstar and boost the Irish punching bag.

That does it for me and that is why I hope TNA comes up with a bolt of lighting tear WWE down!!!

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