MMA Needs a Cruiserweight Division

Scott SpradlinContributor IFebruary 7, 2010

Fighters in MMA currently occupy a variety of weight classes. From the 135-lb bantamweights, to the 265-lb smashing machines in the heavyweight ranks, these divisions are filled with a variety of talent.

But there is a no-man’s land between the light heavyweights at 205 lbs, and the upper limit of the heavyweights. This 60-lb disparity puts many fighters in a very awkward position. Their survival is tenuous.

Consider someone the size of Mirko Cro Cop. He’s normally around 220 lbs. Regardless of his nearly mythic reputation as a striker, he’s still a small fish in a pond full of much bigger fish. At least, that’s his lot in the UFC, where many top contenders are 245 lbs. or more.

Competitors of similar size would benefit from a new weight class, something analogous to the cruiserweight class in boxing. This would fill the gap between the light heavyweight and heavyweight divisions. I would propose a division for 225 to 235 lbs. Without it, a great many fighters would find themselves in a ‘sink or swim’ predicament.

Also, it could benefit fighters from other divisions. If a light heavyweight, for example, was having difficulty at 205, he could potentially fit the cruiserweight class more comfortably.

Many of the titleholders in the UFC have been plagued by illness and injury. With only five weight classes in its promotion, the UFC may benefit from an additional division.