Division I Sports?

Doug DarrochContributor IJuly 1, 2008

Is golf a sport? Yes and no. Golf is a sport because it takes hand eye coordination, but there isn't any defense or cardio which makes it a lower level sport than football. The solution is to have a tiering system like college football.

Division 1 sports - Cardio and defense. Examples Football, Soccer, basketball, hockey, MMA.

Division 1A sports - Defense and a little bit of cardio:  Baseball, cricket.

Division 2 sports - Cardio but no defense - Surfing, Horse racing, track and field, swimming.

Division 3 sports - Skills needed but no cardio or defense: Golf, Nascar, chess, poker

Division 4 sports - Skills needed but easy to master: Bowling, Air Hockey, Darts.

Is golf a sport? Yes, Tiger Woods is a division 3 athlete, but should not be compared to an elite division 1 athlete like Kevin Garnett.