Pro. Wrestling Is Not Fake!!!!

christopher velasquezContributor IIFebruary 7, 2010

FORT WORTH, TX - NOVEMBER 07:  A replica of the WWE world championship belt rests on top of Kyle Busch's #18 Z-Line Designs/WWE Smackdown Toyota prior to the start of the NASCAR Nationwide Series O'Reilly Challenge at Texas Motor Speedway on November 7, 2009 in Fort Worth, Texas.  (Photo by Robert Laberge/Getty Images for NASCAR)
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   This article is for any pro. wrestling fan that has heard the following two responses from people when wrestling is mentioned. The first one is "You do know that its fake right." The other common response is "I used to watch it when it was a kid." If you have ever heard those two responses keep on reading and if you haven't you will hear it from someone at some point.

    The truth is that if someone asks you if you do know that wrestling is "fake" they are simply insulting you. This is the case particularly if you are no longer a child. The other response can either mean that they did used to watch it as a kid but simply lost track of it or it could mean that they consider themselves above watching pro. wrestling. I'll put it this way I am a communications major and know first hand that what people watch is classified into two categories its either high culture or low culture. I'll let you guess where pro. wrestling is classified from those two options.

   We have a responsibility as wrestling fans to stand up for the sport that we love. The same people that call pro. wrestling fake are the same people that enjoy movies and television series. I love film and even work in the video production industry but these people need to know that wrestling is no different than theatre. These people laugh when they see our hero's run out in costumes but then they see men in costumes during a movie and never once call it fake.

   The only thing that I want is to not be insulted for paying to see wrestling when they pay to see a man pretending to be Spiderman. There is no differance and they simply cannot comprehend that. I'll give you a brief experiance that I had in a theatre class once. The professor was asking the class to give us any form of entertainment that could be considered theatre. I raised my hand and said that pro. wrestling is theatrical. He laughed of course and the entire class did also. I do not understand this reaction because wrestling takes place in front of a crowd, the stage is the ring, there are costomes and acting. If you all disagree with me feel free to comment.

   I ask you as wrestling fans to stand up for the world of sports entertainment. If you have a casual conversation with someone and they attack pro. wrestling think of your hero's. Think about Owen Hart, Chris Candido, Bam Bam Bigalow, Brian Pillman and all those wrestlers that gave so much to entertain you. Actors dont get hurt the way that our wrestlers get hurt. We owe it to them to stand up for pro. wrestling.