You Shouldn't Watch The Super Bowl, Here's Why.

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You Shouldn't Watch The Super Bowl, Here's Why.

More than 151.6 million people tuned in last February to watch America's pride and joy.

It was intense.

It was gut-wrenching.

It was awesome.

It was the stuff of legends...for all of about 10 seconds and then they took a 40-second break.

Football goes against everything that is right. Yet I can't stop watching.

Why is it that we adore these football players for their strength, speed, and determination when they only display it in 10-second intervals? Not only do we criticize other sports for their boring nature, but we fail to see how boring our own pride and joy can be to watch. 

Between commercials, half time, quarter breaks, and breaks between plays, it will put you to sleep.

If a football game lasts three hours (180 minutes/actual game time 60 minutes), and the possession time is nearly equal, the average active NFL player will only play in seven percent  of the total game time. Therefore, the average active player only plays about 20 percent of the game.

That means that the average player sits for just under 80 percent of the game. The average viewer is watching commercials for 40-45 minutes each game (not counting timeouts, which take up just about 75 seconds or seven minutes  of stoppage.)

The average active gameplay time for an NFL game is 16-23 minutes (at 10 seconds a play.)

That means you, at home, are listening to the commentators talk about what could happen in the game for 35 minutes more so than watching what actually happens in the game.

Time between plays adds up to 27 minutes, which leaves 43 minutes for the pregame show, postgame show, and variable time that can be added to some other aspects.

Before writing this article I wouldn't have guessed that these athletes sit more than they actually play. But after some research, I was able to find a few key statistics. These numbers were derived from statistics found at these reputable sources...

I found that the average NFL fan is watching, more often than not, things other than the game. Leading me back to my first point. 

Football goes against everything sports are about to the average viewer. 

Fun, constant action, compelling events. All are easily lost in translation.

I still don't care; I'll guarantee that I will be watching every February.

Long live America's pride and joy


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