Chip Ganassi Drops Franchitti, #40 Car, Amidst Lack of Sponsorship

Corey DonkersgoedCorrespondent IJuly 1, 2008

    Chip Ganassi, owner of the #40 dodge driven by Dario Franchitti, has halted operations on that car, amidst lack of sponsorship.  This puts Franchitti, the former Indy great, out of a job. 

    Early speculation is that Dario will try to hook up with another team, or if that fails, could find his way back to the IRL.  It is early, however, and with Franchitti's talent behind the wheel of a racecar, it shouldn't be long before the phone starts ringing for Dario.  This is an unfortunate setback for Franchitti.  Even though he was struggling with his transition, missing some races because of injury and having to qualify on time, Franchitti has the uncanny ability to drive anything, and given time, most likely would have succeeded in this car.

    Ganassi on his decision to drop the #40 car.  "Without any sponsors on the car, I was left to entirely fund this operation.  We just couldn't do that.  It ultimately would bring down Reed and Juan."  Now obviously, this wasn't an exact quote, but the reasoning behind the drop of this car, is in the quote.

    NASCAR cars need sponsors to succeed.  Without any sponsors on the car providing much needed money to the team, the team will struggle.  No money leads to less research, poorer equipment, upset fans, and poor finishes.  There are exceptions, as Travis Kvapil has proven that even with struggling sponsorship, a team can still succeed.  But that is rare.

    Hopefully Franchitti can land with another team.  He is a rare talent.