Who's The Real Winner:The Divas or the Knockouts? (Old Post)

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Who's The Real Winner:The Divas or the Knockouts? (Old Post)

Note:This is an old article I posted on a nw defunct website.

Hello again readers!As a late semi-birthday/Thanksgiving present I decided to post this blog.

We all know that in the women’s wrestling world it is extremely important to have great wrestling abilities,and a good personality to boot,but when it comes right down to it,who really wins,the wannabe models,or the tough as nails real competitors?

Well,first I’ll need to explain what these women want to gain when they join the wrestling universe,or at least what I think they want to gain.When anyone,male or female,gets into the wrestling biz the main goal from the outset is to make it to the big  stage,WWE,but why?

These men and women aim to make it there because they want to broadcast their talents on a wide scale,otherwise they would stick to the indies.They want to entertain fans worldwide,but they can’t do that if no one is watching.

Now that that’s established let’s move on.I’ll start with the wannabes.These women know what the big goal is and they’ll do anything to get it.They’re not above cramming two balloons into their chest,or plumping up their lips with some hot air.

These women know exactly what is needed to make it to the E’,and  they won’t rest until they get it.Why?Because they want everyone to see the great things they can do.The wannabes crave the big goal so much that it’s almost a disease.

A prime example of this is Krissy Vaine.Krissy was enamored with the WWE.Not only the wrestling,though,everything.From the way the lights hit the arena,to the way the fans reacted,to the outfits,to even the silly acting.

She wanted to make it so bad that it led to her hating wrestling.The love she once carefully harbored for wrestling was gone,but she kept going,and for what?To be featured for a minute and a half on the stage she once dreamed of reaching. (Love you,Krissy)

The real competitors want to be on the big stage just as much as the others,and they’re willing to make some changes,but at the end of the day they really just want to entertain the fans,not to discredit all other wrestlers,it’s just that these ladies know there’s another way,a clear alternative:TNA.

Ever since the uprising of the Knockouts division,TNA has been the go-to place for real women’s action.Wrestlers like Hamada,Sarita,Cheerleader Melissa,Awesome Kong,and many more have risen through the ranks (Somewhat),proving that you don’t need to be sexy to be good.

Although the Knockouts are fantastic,is it really where they want to be?Does the want of worldwide exposure ever really go away?Look at Gail Kim,the ex-golden girl of TNA.Gail was in a great spot at TNA,breaking barriers every week,and putting the WWE Divas to shame.

After her contract expired she left to WWE because they offered a larger amount of money,and I get that,but it doesn’t hurt that she’s being featured on the big time show,does it?I understand Gail’s leaving for more money,hey,you got to make a living,but if TNA had offered a larger amount,do you think she would have stayed?

Already knowing what to expect in the E’,would  the current jobberette have kept her comfy spot over in the smaller promotion?It would have been money vs status,and I’m not so sure Gail would pass up a spot at WWE.

Moving on,when the women achieve their big goal,do they still want it?Sure they’re featured every week,but are they featured the way they want?The WWE  sexspots Divas are known as the world-renown piss break.

They’re featured 5-6 minutes at most each week,with no mic time (Good mic time),and boring storylines.But hey,this is what they posed worked for all their careers,so isn’t this what they want?

Playing devil’s advocate here,they are somewhat getting what they want,because they’re being featured to a wide audience.Then again,you could argue that it’s not really worth it because they aren’t being featured correctly.

TNA has been called everything from the saving grace to the second coming in terms of women’s wrestling,but recently their showings have suggested otherwise (That’s one point for team WWE).

TNA has gone downhill ever since Angelina Love left the show.Since then there has been a more than lackluster fued between Awesome Kong and Tara,TBP 2.0 (More like 2.ho) has formed with the coming of a drab Lacey Von Erich,and meaningless tag titles have been introduced.If this is the case,then obviously choosing to become a female wrestler in this day and age isn’t very fun.

If both top (I’m using that term loosely) companies are in a rut,then all that’s left is the indies.Maybe,just maybe you can be considered a top female star without joining some big company.Look at MsChif.

She was named the top female wrestler in 2008 by PWI Magazine if I’m not mistaken and she didn’t have to plasticize herself or join the Knockout vortex to do so.This woman rose eyebrows without completing the “big goal”.If she can do it,why not the others?

She has openly stated that she is not interested in joining either of the big two in the future,and yet people still know her better than half the women in the big two.If she can do it,why not the other ladies?

So,the question remains,who is the real winner?The girl who fakes it?The real fighter?The advertised one?Or just the plain Jane?You choose.I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did writing it,and I hope you read something you didn’t quite expect,because I wrote some stuff I didn’t expect to write!Remember to comment!





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