The Change Is Near (Old Post)

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The Change Is Near (Old Post)

Note:This is an old article I posted on a now defunct website.

Hello again readers.Today I want to bring to light the changing and forming of a new women’s era.Is it coming,I’m not sure,but some clear signs definitely support this feeling I have.

One of those major signs is the massive WWE Diva Trade.It has been reported that the WWE is seeing this as a,quote on quote,”do-over” for the divas division,and that basically solidifies this feeling I have.

First I thought it might just be a change to mic up the divas division,you know,jazz it up a bit,but then the whole “do-over” idea came up,and it made me feel like the WWE is going to try and fix the wounds they left in their once fantastic division.

I mean,in the “normal world” a do-over means starting something up again from scratch,so why can’t this idea translate over to the “WWE world”?I mean think about it.Is the WWE restarting their women’s division?

This year has definitely been one of the better years the WWE has had with its women’s division,as well as one of the lowest TNA has had,so why not strike them while they’re down?

With the uprising of Gail Kim,Alicia Fox,Maryse,Michelle McCool,and Melina 3.0 also came the uprising of the Divas division.Granted,it wasn’t that big a rise,but still,those small baby steps may have been the first of the beginning of a great thing.

Also supporting my somewhat crazy idea is,surprisingly enough,Jillian Hall.Jillian,also nicknamed Jillian the jobber,was the last diva,even behind Maria,who we thought would become a champion.

She has been in the company for four years,four long,hard years,and she’s never once had the chance to become champion,and then the unthinkablehappened,she did it.Jillian the jobber became divas champion,and little did we know that this was the budding of arguably the craziest week in divas history.

Sure she lost it minutes later to Raw’s newest acquisition,Melina,but word on the block is that Jillian is still going to fued over the championship with Melina,so it’s not a total loss.

Now,the reason,I think we all know,that this is so important is that both women are good workers,and we know that both can deliver in terms of ring work and mic work,so this could be the start of greatness,but,it’s just a theory.

Another factor in my case is TNA.As I mentioned earlier in the article,TNA hasn’t exactly been having the greatest year,and WWE might just use this opportunity to get them while they’re down.What better than to get their key component,their TNA Knockouts.

Now,it’s no secret that the Knockouts consistentlyget the highest ratings of their show,so of course WWE wants to beat them to the ratings.Imagine this,”WWE divas bring the heat,while TNA Knockouts feel the burn!”,ok,so maybe not the best headline,but still,you get the point.Again,just a theory.

Now,some may argue that,hey,this is the WWE we’re talkin’ about,why so optimistic?Well,yes,I now the cons overpower the pros,but why not be so optimistic?Even though there aren’t many pros,the pros that we do have are pretty big,so why not give them a shot,right?Well,whatever may happen,just remember this blog,and also remember,change is near,whether it’s good or bad,change is near.

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