Baron verbally agrees to sign with the Clippers!

Gage ArnoldCorrespondent IJuly 1, 2008

Yes, Baron Davis reaches a verbal agreement with the Clippers. This was an amazing move by the Clippers and could in fact shift the direction of the franchise.

The deal is in the range of a 5 year 50 Million, which means he is making less money than he would have if he stayed in his Warriors contract, but Davis does get the security of a long term deal.

Baron averaged 20 points and 8 assists for the Warriors last year, but has been followed by a balky knee for the past 5 or so years.

He's 29, so it seems as if he has a good amount of years in front of him, only if his knee doesnt act up, he still is a very emotional player and a team leader.

Being in LA was very big for Davis as he was a star at UCLA and is a film producer so it was extremely big for him to stay here.

Another reason as to why he may have opted out was the fact that the Warriors continued to add young players and continue to not add a big name to help him.

With the possibilty of the Clipps brining back Elton Brand, which becomes much more likely now, and offered contracts to Corey Maggette and James Posey along with drafting Eric Gordon with #7 overall, needless to say, the Clippers are definetely moving in the right direction if all or even some of these moves are to go down.

Any feedback is welcome. I do ask though, what do you see the Clippers doing next year? Playoffs? Conf. Champ? How will they do next year?