Let the Lay & Pray begin.. McCully's only chance @ beating Gonzaga on Sat

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Let the Lay & Pray begin.. McCully's only chance @ beating Gonzaga on Sat

On Saturday night, before we, the rabid viewing public gets a chance to watch Forrest Griffin mount an all out attack on the Champion, the under card gives us a glimpse of the heavy wight Dynamo that is Gabriel "Napow" Gonzaga. Best known for a devastating knock out  of Mirko Cro-cop with a high left leg kick in the first round of UFC 78, Napow went on to loose to Randy couture in a title shot 3 month later. Coming of a knock out loss over Fabrico Vedrum, Gonzaga will have little trouble mounting an attack over one time UFC Champion Tito Ortiz's training partner , Justin McCully. As McCully is most known for being Tito's lackey, his staratgy remains simalar to his mentor's, Lay and pray.Set up  A big take down, followed a by small elbows from the guard, and have team punishment hope that the take downs score on the judge's cards( they do, as this was how Ortiz Beat Griffin-) It will be easy for a high level BJJ man like Gonzaga to address this simple and short sighted game plan that will be showcased.  What will be next if Gonzaga dispatches McCully? I'd predict a bought with Brock Lestner, as Gonzaga is never scarred to stand and bang with the best. If Gonzaga stays on his feet, this Will be a short night and another stepping stone for Napow.....

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