Alexander Ovechkin Is The Definition Of Beast!

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IFebruary 6, 2010

UNIONDALE, NY - JANUARY 26:  Alex Ovechkin #8 of the Washington Capitals skates against the New York Islanders on January 26, 2010 at Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, New York.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images defines a beast as any nonhuman animal, especially a large, four-footed mammal. I define it in two simple words, Alexander Ovechkin. Alexander Ovechkin is one of the elite players in the NHL today. He’s had a rough year this season with a couple of short suspensions and a bad knee on knee collision that had the fans worried. However he turned out alright and when he was finally done with those suspensions he came back and kicked things right back into gear. He dominates the NHL and makes everyone who plays him fear him and makes them believe they do not have good chances of winning(which they probably don’t).  
First let’s start with the obvious. You just can’t keep this guy down now can you? Despite a few suspensions Ovechkin has stormed back to take the league by storm. Despite playing 6-8 games less than the other men in the Top 10, Ovechkin is in first place when it comes to points. He is leading the league with 82 points and second place, Henrik Sedin has 78. As for the rest it’s not even worth counting them. So let’s get this straight, this guy has played so many less games compared to the rest and yet he’s leading them all with 82 points? What if he got those games back? How big would the gap be then? I’m guessing huge.
Another area where you can always count on Ovechkin is of course, goals. When it comes to the back of the net, Ovechkin’s pucks always seem to find themselves there. Here the gap is not as huge as the gap when it comes to points, but despite that Alexander Ovechkin still leads the league with 39 goals in 50 games(rest of the players have about 57 games played). Ovechkin’s main thing is goal scoring, this is almost a “give me” for Alexander, but this year he had some competition. Sidney Crosby has been improving at the goal scoring side of things and Patrick Marleau has too been lighting it up. Despite that Alexander The Great has still proven to be top dog.
A interesting thing about this season is looking at the assist column in the NHL. You look at the Top 5, nothing too strange, but then you look beyond that to number 6 and who do you find? Alexander Ovechkin. Alexander Ovechkin has 43 assists at this point in the NHL season. Wait a minute? Ovechkin? Isn’t this the guy that always gets attacked for thinking shoot first and shoot second? Isn’t this the same man the people criticize for not knowing how to pass? Well if he doesn’t know how to pass how is he so near the top in the assists column? Ovechkin has gotten much better at distributing the puck among his teammates and he no longer has that shoot at all costs mentality anymore. Further more, he set a new career record for the most assists in one game this year. Maybe this will keep away the critics that keep telling him to learn to pass.
The Capitals are the highest scoring team in the NHL at this point. They stand at 72 more goals for than goals against. Now when you look at that you have to think, “Ovechkin helped make that all happen.” And you know what? That is exactly correct. You know Ovechkin’s the franchise player, you know he’s the captain, you know he’s one of the best players(if not THE best player) in the NHL. He gets the job done! He makes it all happen. How you might ask? Just by being him, he’s a natural born hockey player and goal scorer. It’s written on his face.
Now as I just recently mentioned, Alexander Ovechkin has indeed taken the captaincy of the Washington Capitals. He has officially taken on the leadership role of the team and you know what? The man’s looking good. Further more he’s making the people around him look good. He’s producing and so are his teammates. Ovechkin has shown his determination and his willingness to get the victory of the competition. He has shown he is not afraid to back away from a fight(even though his teammate wouldn’t let him). He’s truly becoming a great leader for the Capitals.
The Capitals have also proven to be one of the hardest teams to face at home in the Verizon Center. Can you blame them? The fans know they have something to cheer for with these guys playing for them. They get loud because they know they have a solid team that has a bright future and present for that matter. Do you remember a few seasons back when the Capitals just barely got into the playoffs by taking Carolina’s spot? Well that has not been the story for the past few seasons, the story has been Capitals finishing on top, last season finishing 2nd and this year they are holding down the 1st spot in the Eastern Conference.
Not only are they first in the east, but they are first in the entire NHL! With 86 points the Washington Capitals are looking to take home the President’s Trophy this year. They just love winning and it seems to be happening a lot! Isn’t it? Yes it is. Capitals love to win, but for wins there has to be work and boy do they ever work for it! I think it really does help that their captain, Alexander Ovechkin does so much for them. Helping them tally up some points and add another W to the wins column.
While on the topic of wins, how many has Washington had recently? I think they’ve had quite a few, actually they might even be on a winning streak. Would you look at that, indeed they are! I wonder how long this winning streak has lasted. 1, 2, 3 games? No? Maybe it’s 4, 5, or 6? Still no? 7? 8? 9!?
Oh yeah! I’m going there! The Washington Capitals are enjoying their ride. What are they riding? A 13 game winning streak is what they are riding! If memory serves me correctly, I believe that is the LONGEST winning streak in franchise history! Now here’s a question for you, who’s been constantly producing during this time for the Capitals? I’ll give you a hint, he’s the topic of this article. You guessed it, Alexander Ovechkin.
I think it’s safe to say Alexander Ovechkin is playing a big role for the Washington Capitals right now. He’s been doing it all season long, if even his season has been shorter than others. He’s taking the Capitals on his shoulders and that is exactly what a captain should do! He’s had a tremendous season and I think he’s going to continue it with every passing game. I think that’s a fair assumption isn’t it?
So the next time you pick up a dictionary and you flip through it, finding the definition of the word, beast, don’t read it because it’s wrong. The definition of the word beast is plain and simple, Alexander Ovechkin.
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