Honky Tonk Man and Bruno Sammartino Decline WWE Hall Of Fame

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Honky Tonk Man and Bruno Sammartino Decline WWE Hall Of Fame
Robert Laberge/Getty Images

    Bruno Sammartino and Honky Tonk Man have both rejected the WWE Hall of Fame but for very different reasons. Sammartino has been very critical of the WWE product and really finds no reason to be in the hall of fame when it does not have a building. Honkey Tonk on the other hand has listed a prior engagement with a comic book convention as the reason for his decline.

    The declines by both of these wrestlers tarnishes the importance of the WWE Hall of Fame. I mean how important can it be if some wrestlers wont even agree to participate in it. The lack of interest by Honky Tonk and Sammartino show that the WWE desperately needs to give credibility to the HOF.

    What we do know is that Vince McMahon does not take rejection well and that these wrestlers might be hard pressed to get another invitation. Brian Woods here on Bleacher Report said it best in his article titled "What is the WWE Hall Of Fame." Perhaps in the future the Hall of Fame will get some credibility.  

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