Are We Back?: 3 Staright Wins Could This Be The 2000-2001 Repeat?

Tim PergolinContributor IFebruary 6, 2010

The 76ers have won 3 staright and are going for 4 tonight.

Remember the 2000-2001 season? Allen Iverson led us to the NBA Finals. Could it happen again?

Well we again have 2 A.I.'s on the team(Andre Igudala and Allen Iverson). But unfortunetly we don't see one every night.

Allen Iverson has aged a lot since his first time with the 76ers and now misses every couple games with arthritis pains, back spasms, or his kid is sick.

But we got talent. We may not see it, but we have a solid team.

Of cousre there is the experienced Allen Iverson, and 2 young futur stars Jrue Holiday and Lou Williams. And the guy who has always been a star on this team Andre Igudala. 

And then we have a great power foward in Elton Brand and 2 young guys with Thaddeus Young and Marreese Spaights.

And then in the center position, Sam Dalembert who has been a key to our recent success.

So to conclude., our team is no way L.A. Laker good, or Boston Celctic good. But the only reason our record says we are bad is because we got some tough breaks or can not pull through in the 4th quarter.

But we are good. And if we can play at our top for the rest of the season we may have a shot to make the playoffs.