The Top Five Peyton Manning Moments

Steve ChottCorrespondent IFebruary 6, 2010

We have all seen him. He is one of the most recognizable faces in sports. We can't get him off our TV.

No matter where we flip, we see Peyton Manning.

And even though Peyton has been amazing on the field, I am a big fan of his off the field work. He seems like a great guy and has been hilarious.

So while everyone else has been working on their Peyton Manning on the field moments, I'm here to take a more relaxed look at his top five moments off the field.

5. Peyton Manning Sprint commercial

In this commercial, Peyton endorses Sprint by telling you that you can watch your favorite player's highlights with Sprint on your phone. Maybe if that player is Peyton Manning. But that's if you're into 6'5", 230 pound quarterbacks with laser rocket arms.

4. Peyton and Eli enter the DSRL

Maybe I'm impartial to this because it's got Eli in it, but I love this commercial where the Mannings announce that they are becoming "two sport athletes" and entering the Double Stuff racing league.

3. The Manning Family visits ESPN

Once again a commercial with Eli, but this one is just great. It's at least a couple years old, but watching them walk threw the studios flicking and kicking each other like brothers do is just priceless.

2. Peyton Mastercard Series.

There are three Mastercard commercials. And all of them are worthy of this No. 2 spot. They have the basing of all Mastercard commercials, eventually ending up in something being "priceless". But these hilarious commercials leave Peyton as a fan asking for autographs from mechanics and many other items from every day jobs.

1. Peyton Manning SNL skit: United Way

Every time I see this, I laugh so much. This hilarious skit shows Peyton Manning taking time out of his day to play football with kids and teach them valuable lessons. Just hilarious. Well done Peyton and SNL.

With all these great moments, I unfortunately left some out. Here are the ones that missed the cut.

Peyton and Reggie

The Manning Family make breakfast
Manning family PSA

Peyton Gatorade