Mike Leach: Where Will the Pirate Ship Land?

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Mike Leach: Where Will the Pirate Ship Land?


A vast, ye matey.

While the Pirate Ship of Cap'n Mike Leach sails the treacherous shoals of the Legal Seas in Leach vs. Texas Tech, it appears that our captain will not be on board as a head coach in the 2010 season at any other program.

Me thinks, however, that once the scallywags of the judicial process have rendered their verdict, then the ol’ Buccaneer will be headin’ up some other program in the 2011 or 2012 season.

So where might he be landin’?

I’ve taken a look at 10 programs that might utilize the freebooter's services next year, taking into consideration that they all have a current coach who is walkin’ a short plank….

And I’m not including the NFL. Leach needs to run his own show his way, and the uptight, buttoned down, corporate weenie world of the No Fun League ain't a good fit for a swashbuckler such as he.

The NFL is, after all, the fun-loving jokers who tried to sue people for using the phrase "who dat," so freedom of speech is not a concept that they appear to be "down with." And Leach has a hard time keeping his pie hole shut.

The NFL is also a bunch of people who consider Jerry Jones and Al Davis to be fine, upstanding citizens rather than the reptilian life forms that the rest of humanity categorizes them as (with sincere apologies to all the snakes, lizards, and horned toads out there). I doubt if Leach would keep his mouth shut about them for long if he was in the league.

Given that, I'm thinkin' that Mike Leach fits in with the NFL about as much as a drunk fits in at a Baptist wedding.

So here are my picks are some of the places we might see Leach pop up in the next year or so…

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