"Old and Entertaining WWE, Taking Away In a Flash"

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Ever remember when WWE didn't have idiots like Shemeus and had real WWE champions, champions that could sprawl a fight with just their words? Well, I remember when Big Show and Kurt Angle had their feud on Smackdown and when Big Show chokeslamed Kurt off of this balcony and it handicapped him, well I know you are wondering where I' am going with this and what I'm trying to say is I want WWE bring some of there interesting storylines back, the last good storyline was Triple H and Randy Orton feud in 2009. But these are some of the reasons. * It could bring way more ratings like it was before. * The Superstars would have more face time. * And most importantly, it would make the show more EXCITING I also remember when WWE had more matches with exciting stipulations like steel cage matches, ladder matches, table matches, extreme rules matches, and pink slip on a pole matches and I' am just wondering why WWE doesn't do stuff like that anymore I mean it doesn't have to happen every week, but occasionally a least. So let me know your comments about it.

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