The New York Giants Draft Day Needs

Thomas MurrayContributor IFebruary 6, 2010

LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 1:   Team Euphoria coach Lawrence Taylor (L) and Runningback Roban Lampkin in the locker room at the First Annual Lingerie Bowl, presented by, at the Los Angeles Coliseum on February 1st, 2004 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images For Horizon Productions)
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Like many miserable fans of teams that didn’t make the playoffs, I have been looking ahead to April. Something to take away the pain and new blood to fill in the shoddy spots on the team.

Who do the Giants need? Well, Big Blue are locked up at QB for quite some time. Eli is not Peyton, but the NYG could do a lot worse. I don’t even think they need to draft a young buck to groom, as they did that already last year with some southern kid named Rhett or Bret or something like that. Need for a QB is ZERO right now.

Wide Receiver – I am thrilled with the production of Steve Smith. The only people that aren't are NFC Rivals. The Giant’s Steve Smith had better numbers than the Panthers' Steve Smith, and that guy is an absolute phenomenon. Also, Mario Manningham had some bright spots (if he could just learn to run a decent fade route), and we never saw much of Ramses Barden, the 6 foot 6 behemoth that was supposed to post-up in the corner of the end-zone for jump balls and solve the Giants’ red-zone woes. He was a project when he was, and maybe we’ll see a little more of him as time passes. No rush, big guy. Hakeem Nicks is freak, and I am very excited to see how much better he gets.

Offensive Line- When does a team NOT need more O-Lineman? The Giants' line is top notch, but there was something missing this year. Maybe all the guys were too nice? I’d like to see a real criminal put in there next to Chris Snee.  Someone to scare the crap out of everyone, the Giants included. A rabid man-dog with tattoos, attitude, and bad breathe. An unpredictable guy that defensive lineman have to worry about being bitten by.  David Diehl could always go back to guard, right?

William Beatty was drafted pretty early last year (second or third round), so it remains to be seen if he will develop, but another pony in the stable is always good, especially when there are lame steeds like Guy Whimpier, who need to be put out to the pasture, permanently.

Defense- The secondary was sad. Did losing Kenny Phillips really do that much damage? With rumors circulating about his career being over, I feel like a safety in the first three rounds is a MUST, an absolute must. We won’t get Berry unless we trade the kitchen sink (and Osi Umenyiora) to move up. Nobody wants that, except maybe Osi? 

When we cannot get Berry, there are two other top-notch safeties that people are talking about. Taylor Mays and Earl Thomas. Yes please. Either one, I don’t care. Mays is rumored to be a little slow in coverage, maybe better suited to beef up and play outside linebacker; they need one of those too.

Linebacker- The Giants' glory years in the late 80s had some linebackers that people still talk about. Lawrence Taylor, Carl Banks, Gary Reasons, and Pepper Johnson. Who do we have now to be excited about right now? I like Antonio Pierce, but I think he may be two years away from running a linebacker camp in some Jersey suburb, which I wish wasn't the case.

The Giants have a hopeful pass-rushing OLB in Clint Sintim. I jumped out of my chair when he was drafted him last year. He absolutely dominated in one of the later pre-season games and I think that another year or two, and we will be perhaps talking Pro Bowl for him, or at the very least we won't be worried about drafting an OLB in the early rounds because Sintim has it on lockdown.

I would love to see eye-gouger come to the Giants. He would have to be a first round pick, as he is too big and nasty to slip through to the later rounds. And if he does make it to the second round, I doubt if he will be there for them to snatch him up. If you don’t know about an eye-gouger, it is Florida Linebacker Brandon Spikes. Even the name is cool.You can search him on Youtube trying to ram his fingers into an opponent’s helmet (they put it in slow motion and everything). If Rolando McClain is there in the first round at pick #15, I say grab him. McClain will not be as scary as Spikes, but he may be a better-rounded, more complete player. Either one of those guys will add something to the linebacking corp that we haven't really seen.

Defensive Line- They need it, no doubt about it. It just isn’t an awesome pick in the first round unless you are getting that guy Suh. He is a game-changer. I cannot deny that the Giants need help on the D-Line, and neither one of the current defensive lineman is really worth the money that they are going to want to stay in NY. How about the third or fourth rounds for the D-Lineman?

My ideal draft:

Rounds 1 and 2 – Safety and Linebacker. McClain, Thomas, Spikes, or Mays
Rounds 3 and 4 – Defensive Lineman, the best available Cornerback or O-Lineman

* If we did somehow pull off a trade to get Berry, I would not be able to contain my excitement. My neighbors would experience a great deal of random yelling and carrying-on, much like during the Giants' playoff run a few short years ago.