John Cena Vs. Batista at WM 26?

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John Cena Vs. Batista at WM 26?

        This may be my best prediction of all time as I have various sorts of reasons why there is a 89% chance of this being true.  I don't think anyone has posted this prediction yet but here's why this is possible.

         At the Royal Rumble Cena & Batista fought to death trying to eliminate each other out of the Royal Rumble.  Cena then eliminated Batista, after that Batista got very mad & frustrated.

         Cena was the one who told Vince McMahon to bring Bret Hart back.  Vince McMahon then agreed to bring Bret Hart back, but when Bret was brung back Vince McMahon &  Bret Hart began fighting later in the segment, Bret Hart jumped on Vince McMahon & started punching him, then Batista came & helped Vince McMahon.

         I see this storyline ending up very similar to the Vince McMahon & Donald Trump storyline, of course Donald Trump could fake a few hits to Vince McMahon, but he couldn't go a whole match with Vince McMahon.  Of course Bret Hart can give Vince McMahon a few hits, but due to the Goldberg incident, he couldn't go a whole match with Vince McMahon.  This is the match that will happen at WrestleMania 26, like I said similar the Donald Trump & Vince, they will pick a star to defend them, Bret Hart will pick Cena.  Vince will of course pick Batista.  Cena & Batista will fight & there might be some sort of punishment for losing.

        I consider this my best prediction I have ever made, tell me what you think, is this possible, who'd you want to win, the punishment for the match?



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